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RadioGet plays online radio stations and records their music to mp3 tracks
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5 July 2012

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This is a tool that plays Internet radio stations and lets you record one or more of these stations at a time.

RadioGet plays online radio stations and records their music to mp3 tracks. Internet has something like 25,000 music stations that play American music. This tool will let you record the music streamed from these stations. These 25000 odd radio stations, between them, play practically every genre of music including rock, pop, blues, folk and just about everything else. The tool will let you search for a station by the genre of music it plays. By the same tool you would be able to find new stations too. The music playback is quite high quality. But due to the very nature of the Internet you could get disturbances whenever the data traveling faces delays. The recording feature available lets you record multiple channels simultaneously and automatically.

This could be a nice way of creating a MP3 collection of legally obtained tracks. Recordings can be by artist name. The interface is quite intuitive and simple to use. No particular skill will be required of the user as long as he/she knows how to use the computer. The interface is well laid out. There should not be any difficulty in finding the features offered by this tool. It is nicely done up in professional black and the whole thing looks like a professional music system. Radio Get tags and sorts the recorded tracks automatically. This is a remarkable product. If you have the need, just go ahead and try it out and build a great collection.

Publisher's description

RadioGet plays online radio stations and records their music to mp3 tracks. With over 25,000 free web radio stations out there, and the ability to add even more, you can listen to music of almost any genre and flavor while recording it to your hard drive. In fact, RadioGet can even silently record several radio stations simultaneously. Leave it recording a couple of stations (as many as you want) and you`ll rack up a huge collection of free legal mp3 tracks in no time. RadioGet Full edition can also filter songs to record only those performed by artists you specify.
RadioGet Full
RadioGet Full
Version 3.3.8
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This program is just the best to use with radio. This is terrific software. It`s great that publishers made such product that I can get radio songs!
I listen radio and record everything that I want with this app. Works great! I like it.
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